The Lucifer effect

There’s a psychological term called the Lucifer effect. The Lucifer effect is based on a psychological and sociological behaviour of human beings. Concerning the misuse of position of power or authority to ill treat and torture others. It can also be used to belittle people, that have a perceived weakness or who are vulnerable at any given opportunity.

This is our problem. The Bible says it. Psychologist acknowledge it. And history proves it. We are born into sin and shaped in iniquity. We are sinful by nature, and spiritually impoverished. Our curiosities, tendencies and imaginations are towards evil continuously. And opportunities reveal this. Opportunities to either take advantage of people or others for granted. Due to vulnerability.

Have you ever misused your power of position or authority to mistreat and torture others?

Have you ever helped anyone vulnerable, only to manipulate, control, use and belittle them?

Have you ever sought out to use or just use people’s weaknesses against them?

Have you ever exploited the vulnerability of others for self gain?

Have you ever tormented anyone who is insecure or vulnerable?

We’ve all exhibited this behaviour. Since this is a human problem because of sin, it has been in every single aspect of society. Whenever we claim to be a Christian or not.

For this reason, if God is not in the heart, where He has it by faith in Jesus Christ, and His sacrifice, and obedience out of love to keep His Commandments, then the person knows Him not, and there’s no love for Him. Choosing not to be completely honest, but partially honest to Him. And if it’s partial honesty there’s no self honesty, then there’s no honesty at all; and therefore, by default falls under the Lucifer effect even though claiming to be a Christian. Hence, those who are hypocrites still, who love to eagerly judge others. Who themselves live a duplicitous life, while they condemn others.

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