The 1960s sex revolution captivity

The sex revolution is today responsible for putting millions into bondage. Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. It has hypersexualised societies all over the western world. By going against the boundaries that keep sex a sacred act from God.

The sex revolution has done this via capitalism. The capatolisation of carnal desires as it pertains to sexuality has been exploited for financial gain. Creating many different sex industries and markets. To be marketed and consumed for people’s pleasure and entertainment. Through trafficking human beings as sex slaves for exploitation.

Hence, the glamour industry, porn industry, strip clubs, bruffle houses and prostitution are all businesses, which all make sex into a debase, self gratifying commodity for consumption opposed to love.

This transcends working in the sex industry to personal life. Concerning intimacy. Such as some being romantically involved solely based on a business transaction of economic exchange. Giving companionship and sex in exchange for money and material luxuries.

And popularising it to be sold as a cultural norm from what is perceived by the sex industries.Where sexual promiscuity, having multiple sex partners and self objectification is seen as an liberation, and a form of empowerment. But it is not an liberation, but slavery. And it is not an empowerment, but degradation.

All this has produced as a consequence, is many who are sex addicts, addicted to pornography and masturbation, unwanted pregnancies, teen pregnancies, single mothers due to fornication, broken homes, numerous different STDs, death, death of unborn children and etc.

This degenerative behaviour will unavoidably lead to the destruction of society, and delinquentcy of a culture, which practices no self control. Doing whatever they want with no restraint Just like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah.

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