The hypersensitivity of modern Christianity

We never had the Protestant Reformation by being hypersensitive and emotional over facts concerning biblical doctrine. They debated and discussed theology just the same. The feudal system of the medieval Church had grieviously vexed and flayed the consciences of many faithful Christians. This was a matter of truth. We wouldn’t enjoy the freedom that we’ve had if it wasn’t for the Protestant Reformation.

All the Reformers spoke the truth bluntly. They knew their faith according to God’s word, and was willing to die for it. In this present time we’re the complete opposite. We’re so sensitive and triggered over words, not being able to defend our position and for the truth itself to strike at the heart of the conscience. People are simply offended just to be told that they’re wrong, without being condescending and insolent. And if we’re like this now, many will lose faith when their Christian walk gets hard. Especially, during the great tribulation. Seeing suffering as an offence to their life and worldly conveniences.

We’re then afraid of truth bluntly spoken. It’s seen as something which causes a harmful offence. But if we’re offended of truth bluntly spoken then there must be something we’re actually guilty of, which we don’t actually want to acknowledge and give up.

Naturally, we’re all at risk of offending anyone in the persuit of truth. It’s our God given right, in order to think and be critical, and make sound judgements and good choices.

In conclusion, theological discussions and arguments are meant to give an answer for the hope that’s within us as Christians. To share with others, that we know and serve a God who is love without any confusion according to His word.
Just like the purpose of philosophy, science and mathematic discussions and arguments is for the persuit of knowledge and understanding. As it’s verified relative to God’s word. For God’s word is truth.

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