The 5 Affirmations of the Protestant Reformation

Sola Scriptera, By Scripture alone:

The faith of the believer rest solely on the authority of God’s word. Based on the literal interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. Believing all Scripture was given by inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

And also, that the Bible is its own illustrator, expositor, elaborator and interpreter. It needs no interpreter for the Bible interprets itself. The plain verses interpret the unclear ones. Proving the consistency of the Scriptures.

Sola Fide, By Faith alone:

By faith alone we are Justified in the grace of God through Jesus Christ. Faith it is, that we are made righteous before God, in the atoning sacrifice of His Son Jesus. Faith in His sacrifice, that He paid the price for our salvation, which we could not. So we may receive pardon for our sins, and be granted unmerited favour through Him alone. As a result of which we could only be justified by faith.

Sola Gratia, By Grace alone:

By the grace of God alone through faith In Jesus Christ we are saved. By God’s grace we receive pardon for sin by faith in the sacrifice of His son Jesus.

The law of God demanded justice due to transgression. The penalty for transgression is death, which Christ paid for with His own blood. Taking the sinner’s place by becoming a living sacrifice. Granting the sinner pardon for sin, and unmerited favour. So the sinner can be reconciled back to God, and be given the free gift of eternal life.

Sola Christus, By Christ alone:

By Jesus Christ alone, we can have the hope of salvation by faith in His sacrifice. Being the spotless Lamb of God, which taketh away the sins of the world.

Sola Deu gloria, Glory to God alone:

Glory be to God alone because He is love itself. God solicits our love through the self sacrificial love of His Son Jesus Christ. In this the love of God was made manifested. God was in Christ reconciling the world back to Himself.

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