The new age deception in the church

The charismatic pentecostal movement is really the new age spiritual movement in the church.

New age spirituality has flooded the church like a wild fire, which is a blend of gnosticism and Hindu mysticism. It’s every where.

It’s the belief you are a god who is spiritually eternal. Possessing the power to make things manifest or materialise by speaking things into existence. These are the same lies of the serpent, the devil told to Eve. The church has accepted the first lie, making itself vulnerable and susceptible to spiritualism. Concerning the false doctrine of the immortality of the soul.

The church practices speaking things into existence by distorting the word of God, when Scripture says, the power of life and death is in the tongue. And have used it for materialism as it concerns financial gain as well as for other things. Hence, famous prosperity preachers.

Jesus said, whatever we ask in faith, God will give to us. Not us speaking it into existence to make it happen on our own accord. That’s blasphemy. Only God and God alone has the power and prerogative to do that.

The church has therefore, accepted a false holy spirit by the practice of Shatipat. And has accepted false tongues of the kundalini experience. The people are not going by faith according to the word of God, but feeling. Using the presumption of impulse as a valid argument to say it’s from God.

And having no discernment to know, that the devil can present himself as an angel of light, and manipulate the senses, in order to cause those who reject the truth to receive a strong delusion. Due to the fact that they themselves has not received a love for the truth.

All this has produced is false healings services. A false state of euphoria and enlightenment, where the individual believes they have been touched by God. And a false connection through speaking in strange tongues. Many have become psychologically ill, and their physical health condition has deteriorated. All as a consequence of lies they have accepted spiritually.

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