The sanctified pride of false converts

There’s some that do whatever they want, while claiming to be a Christian. Living in transgression and practicing all manner of lawlessness inspite of the consequences.

This is wilful disobedience. Knowing what you’re doing is contrary to God’s word. Cherry picking His word out of their context to misapply their meaning, in order to justify the very thing which is a sin.

This demonstrates that the individual is not really converted to the faith. Having not received the Gospel message of God’s love to no longer choose to live in sin.

Therefore, these are those who are proned to receive a strong delusion. Having not received a love for the truth.

Due to the sanctification of pride, they think of themselves to be spiritually superior, and more holy than others. Not knowing their pride is before their own destruction; because of the iniquities they cling to, leading them to death.

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