Our intellectual issues

People are not stupid. God created man with a highly complex mind to be able to think, and make rational, intelligent choices. But because of sin humanity became imperfect. Faultering to the sinful propensities of the sinful nature to make unreasonable decisions. Sometimes the truth in plain sight can’t be seen. Being born spiritually blind. Due to sin. And takes God to literally open the eyes to see.

But there are also those that are cynical.Who can see the truth in plain sight, but don’t want to believe in it.

There are others who are cognitive bias. Deliberately selective and prejudice against certain facts as it pertains to the truth, which doesn’t adhere to their way of thinking.

Choosing on the contrary to what makes no sense, in order to keep and maintain their own beliefs.

And there are some with cognitive dissonance. Trying to keep and maintain two conflicting views simultaneously. Refusing to pick one, to live self contradictory. Even to the point of behaving idiotically.

The Bible says, ‘the fear of the Lord is the beginning of all wisdom: and the knowledge of the Holy is understanding.” Proverbs 9:10

It’s to fear God to have wisdom. Fear in a sense to know how infinitely massive God is in comparison to us. Wisdom is to have a clear discernment to be perceptive. And the knowledge of the Holy is understanding; because it concerns knowing God for your self according to His word. Without wisdom no matter how intelligent we are, we are simple. For whoever doesn’t have the fear of the Lord doesn’t have wisdom. And the opposite of wisdom is simple.

And also, those who have not the knowledge of the Holy, have a superficial understanding. Not possessing a profound understanding with substance.

Thus, the two are one. One must have the fear of the Lord to be wise. And the knowledge of the Holy to have understanding.

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