Is Present Christianity A Lie?

There’s a disturbing contrast between early Christianity and present Christianity. In regards to the differences of faith.

Actions concerning lifestyle and behaviour, naturally proceeds from what is actually believed. If the actions of early Christianity is different from the present, then there must be a difference in faith.

Which implies, the reason why there’s this distinction is because we don’t believe in the present of what was believed in early Christianity.

Conversion was believed to be a miraculous transformation of the heart by God’s love.And faith a lively, breathing boldness in His love. Possessing such certainty, that believers could die with a peace in their hearts a thousand times for it.

But now, conversion is practice to self psychologically conditioned the mind. Responding to Biblical facts intellectually as a means to have a changed view. And modifying behaviour accordingly.

Thus, impulse, thoughts and desires remain the same. Purely on the basis of an human attempt to unfaithfully serve God in his own will and capacity, denying His power. Only having a form of godliness, idly chattering on and on about faith; while the heart is as far from the east is from the west from God.

All of us needs to honestly do some introspection, and a serious revision of Scripture. We need to challenge all preconceived notions with prayerful guidence. For to go without wanting the faith of early Christianity, which is the faith of Jesus Christ, a righteousness from God by faith, we are lost, and our professed faith is a lie. Proving unfaithfulness.

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