Who are the unbelievers amongst us?

He or she must be sure within themselves with all certainty, confidence and boldness in God’s love without hesitation. This alone is applied by the Holy Spirit to the believer’s heart. And not the intellectual prowess, brilliance as it relates to the ability to be able to reason persuasively about the knowledge on God’s love. To persuade yourself or anybody else to believe.

Faith in His love through Jesus Christ is a free gift by God. It’s this faith which justifies believers. Validating them to know their worth in the love of God with a personal assurance.

Low self esteem, anxieties concerning the cares of life and fear of death are all symptoms not knowing God’s love. Having not received the gift of faith. Faith in God’s love is synonymous with receiving the gift of faith. And receiving the gift of faith requires to be certain within the heart, knowing Christ died for your sins to save you from an eternal fate of death. This is humility to know it’s underservingly given, and at the same time exalts your value to be so much more. And also, with this certainty, naturally comes a confidence to live boldly inspite the cares of life, and death.

It’s the witness of the Spirit, the Holy Spirit, which fills the emptiness of the heart with God’s love. And continuously bears witness with the spirit that you are His, and He is yours. Not seeing yourself as a servant, but a child beloved by the Farther. Where you become one with Him. Reciprocating His love back to Him in complete submission to His will.

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