What is conversion?

Most have a form of godliness, but deny His power. living a virtuous life without eagerness and love. Being hypocrites still, who love to Judge others. And just have a theoretical head knowledge about God’s love, where it’s all in the head.

Conversion is a transformation from the inside out. A miraculous change of heart wrought by the love of God. Where the individual becomes a new creation. Making all things new, and old things forgotten.

The person no longer lives with a sense of alienation from God. Due to condemnation against sin. But receives the Spirit of adoption through justification by faith. To have peace with Him.

The Holy Spirit comes in, and sheds abroad the love of God in the heart. Wherefore, the love of God is known to surpass all knowledge. And His Spirit bears witness with yours, that you are His child whereby you can cry out Abba Father. Seeing one self as beloved by God as your heavenly Father; all because of the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ.

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