Where is the love?

Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself so humanity could have a chance to live through Him. He loved people inspite of Himself. He cried with those as He felt their grief. And gave a heartfelt comfort as He lovingly embraced them.

If Jesus was here, He would of opened up His home to the homeless. Give food and drink to those who hunger and thirst. Clothed those who are naked. And visit and heal those who are sick. He would of done all these in secret. He put others before His own self. He had a sincere compassion. Especially, loving those who were suffering, downtrodden and an outcast from society. He wouldn’t of walked past a poor begger as though he or she doesn’t exist. He would of stopped to make that person whole.

The hearts of man has turned cold. Hardened like ice as emotions are froze. Without natural affection, having no care, no feeling for others. Sadistically taking pleasure as well as mocking others who are in pain. And preying on the most vulnerable.

Today you have acts of charity, which is selfishly motivated in vain conceit. Either as a self justification to say, I am a good person or to gain something from another because it serves to their best personal interest. Putting themselves before others, while the poor are in the dust, and needy in the dunghill.

If we do not possess Christ like love then we are lost. All our charitable good deeds and love for each other is nothing, but pretention and crap.

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