God is God

Take heed, man is not his own God. But the God who created Him is certainly God. And is the God of man.

It’s for all to know God is God. God gives opportunities. When God closes one door He opens another. By God’s grace He gives many chances. God produces positive results in one’s life. God qualifies us. God is the one who elevates us higher and higher. God helps us to overcome obstacles. God makes a way when there’s no way. God works everything out for our good. God orders our steps in righteousness for His name sake.

God is in control. We are not. God arranges good things to happen as He ordains it. And what is ordained by Him can’t be stop or broken. God takes away the things that are temporary. God takes away the things which are not good for us. God doesn’t allow us to be qualified in something that’s not good for us. God allows obstacle to develop our characters. God doesn’t allow everything to go our way. To learn it’s about His way, and not ours. God will humble us before He would ever exalts us.

For God is God.

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