Have you ever thought what suicide means to God?

God gave us the gift of life. To be a thought intimitly expressed from His heart. To actually have a purpose as a living soul in existence.

To taste, smell, see, feel and hear that which is good. To behold the glory of the beauty of His love. Not just in all of what He had created, but through each other and His love for us personally.

He would even give us a chance through redeeming us for what we truly deserved. A chance of reconciliation. God in the person of Jesus Christ suffered inexplicable excruciating pain unto death. Sacrificing Himself to save us from sin.

He died without the hope to see beyond the grave. He died with the fear of being eternally separated from His Father. Due to our sins, He took our place. Receiving its penalty and full measure of condemnation against it.

For He was always in the Father’s Bosom. The Heavenly Father is His everything. The very thought of being separated from Him brought a pain so deep of infinite depths from the immensely massive heart of God, that this world would never know. His physical agony was hardly felt in comparison. Causing His heart to break by a cardiac rupture.

This demonstrates He is the closest to us. Not only because of creation and redemption, but by becoming a man. Entering into His own creation. He walked the same life path we walk. He suffered and was tempted in all points as we are. But without sin. Without the natural inclination to sin. God must of been subjected to as much greater suffering and temptation His divinity, Holiness and humanity required, and divinity and humanity combined simultaneously.

He then knows and understands us. He knows exactly who we are. And is empathetic to our pain and suffering. He looks upon us with loving compassion. He’s sweet and tenderly caring. If He cares for the little things, He also does cares for our struggles and greatest needs. Caring for all our needs.

Thus, suicide causes a grevious heartfelt sorrow to the heart of God. A sorrow of heart which is incomprehensible. Hurting because the person’s hurt to take their own life. And mourning for the life which was lost as a consequence.

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