A time of great deception

We’re living in a time where Satan is constantly redoubling his efforts. Not just in persecution, restrictions and ungodly diplomacy. But effectively blending light with darkness to such an extent, that without spiritual discernment by faith in God’s word we will not be able to tell the difference.

He relentlessly attacks the word of God. His first attack was against God’s word. For it was so in Heaven before he deceived Eve on earth.

Commingling or mixing the truth with a lie to misrepresent the truth. Illusively, twisting the perception of it to be falsely seen.Whereby he can incite doubt to cause uncertainty against God’s word, in order to confuse minds against Him.

If we don’t cling by faith on God’s word we sin, and then receive strong delusions from the devil. Being deluded by the misrepresentations of the character of God. Growing spiritually resentful and rebellious to Him; and therefore, no longer having faith in Him according to His word.

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