Is speaking the truth now considered to be hate speech?

To speak the truth could be an offence. But it’s not to speak the truth to not be at risk to cause an offence. It’s Just like believing what others may believe to not be intolerant, when tolerance concerns how you treat someone. You could tolerate someone irrespective to what they believe and still have a difference of thought and opinion. We as a society have forgotten these simple truths.

To speak the truth is to be at risk of causing an offence and to not be tolerated no matter how well intended you are. No matter if it is the right approach or if your delivery is gentle.

A person could be easily offended just because they have an emotional attachment to what is false. Having a sentimental value for it, which they are strongly passionate about.

As a consequence, some make others an object of their hatred. Due to the lie they dearly love at heart. And cling to the lie by not wanting to accept the truth.

Now a days, we call it intolerance, prejudice and condescension even when it’s not.

And hate speech. Even if it doesn’t incite violence through provocation.This has led to governmental legislative acts. Placing limits on expression to regulate and control conscience for what is culturally normal to maintain the peace in society.

If the truth bluntly spoken causes an offence then there is a need for the offended to get their house in order.

If you love someone, you speak up and speak the truth, no matter how it may offend. You hold them accountable according to the truth. For the truth saves lives.

For example: Are we not to tell people that smoking can cause cancer to prevent it; because it may cause an offence?

God forbid. If we truly love our neighbor as we love ourselves then we are to help our neighbor by speaking and living according to the truth.

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