A cross to bear

Being a Christian is not easy. For every Christian, there is a cross to bear.To travel this Journey of hardship, persecution and faith alone. Following the example of the Heavenly Master, Jesus Christ.

As Christians we will be attacked on the very things, which our Lord said to love the Lord thy God with.

The devil will attack us emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually. His attacks will come at every angle, through friends, family, love ones and strangers.

Attacking our will, affection and desire for God. He uses deceptive means to manipulate, control and coerce us to believe lies. Inflicts pain, and uses the pain and suffering of the soul to cause us to feel discouraged at heart to lose faith.

And is fully engaged in spiritual warfare. Seeking who he may devour through principalities, through powers, through the rulers of the darkness of this world and through spiritual wickedness in high places, whereby we wrestle against.

The devil who is satan is the accuser of the brethren, and the enemy of our souls. Accusing us for the sins he himself tempts us to commit, as well as falsely accuses by strawman arguments. Making up things to have a point of argument as an act of defamation of character.

And gas lights us for believing the truth. Trying to incite doubt to questioned our judgement and sanity for having faith in God’s word.

His speech is hypnotically smooth loaded with venom. He corrupts beauty by the reason of his brightness. where the mystery of iniquity is concealed under beauty.

His lies are a concoction of truth mixed with lies. He adds truth to his lies to add potency to the lies he tells. Thus, they sound good with what seems to be persuasive reasoning and higher judgement, but are really sophistries and false implications.

He creates mesmerising illusions to have mastery of a man’s senses. To enslave before entangling him into many lies.

He roars like a lion to find those who are fearful; and therefore, vulnerable before he exploites their weaknesses to destroy them.

He fires his quivering arrows to wound his victims in a deep and unimaginable sorrow. And lays snares as deep as the bottomless pit baited with what we sinfully desire after.

He will turn father against son, and daughter against mother. And rages war in a man’s home. Causing a man’s enemies to be of his own house hold, because of His faith in Christ.

And plays the numbers game. To falsely single you out of many as a fool.

As long as we acknowledge righteousness by faith the cross will follow automatically. The devil who rules as the power of the air, working through the children of disobedience and whoever is under his influence and control will follow automatically to attack. And the enticement and sinful urges of the flesh will follow automatically. They will follow automatically to workout things for your destruction, while God turns them around to work things out for the good. Working things out for the good to prosper and give hope and a future.

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