The difference between worldly women and godly women

Worldly renowned women have always been overrated in comparison to godly women.

Worldly women determine their value by economic wealth and aesthetic appeal, while godly women see their worth to be infinite because of God’s love. Worldly women marry for money, fame and fortune, where money ultimately comes before love. But godly women marry for love according to God’s will.

Worldly women are toxic. And look to the deceitful councils of their heart for guidance, which is morally depraved. They follow the carnality of their flesh. Their ways are the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. For her love is for the world. They’re sense of adventure is drama.

When a worldly woman accepts the free gift of God’s love by faith through Jesus Christ she becomes a godly woman. God miraculously transforms her heart and character to be in the likeness of His Son Jesus. As God works on her heart she starts to develop many attractive qualities.

She becomes beautiful from the inside out, instead of just possessing external beauty. No longer does she clothe herself with sensual clothing as a tempting seductress to sexually attract men. And nor is she adorned in expensive apparel. But modestly covers up, knowing her worth.

Not any more is she simple minded, ignorant and indecisive, but spiritually endowed by the Holy Spirit. And becomes wise and perceptive with wisdom beyond her years of profound knowledge and understanding.

She is now a virtuous woman. A woman of integrity. In all her ways she is dignified. Well mannered. And conducts herself properly and appropriately.

No more does she practice disgusting, dishonourable, and shameful lewd acts by promiscuity and vulgarity for self gratification and financial gain, that devalues her worth to exploit her sexuality.

And no more is she superficial,
materialistic, proud, arrogant, vain, insolent (disrespectful), selfish, loud and obnoxious. But gentle, kind, polite, quiet, elegant, selfless and humble.

She now possesses a depth of character not formerly known as before. And keeps herself pure, waiting for her husband

Before she was not ready for marriage as she thought she was. Now she knows she is ready because Jesus Christ is her first love. In Him she had received His eternal water to quench her dying thirst. So she would never thirst again. He alone had filled the emptiness of her soul with His love. Receiving everlasting satisfaction.

While a worldly woman would marry all for the wrong reasons; because she would only marry a worldly man. Marrying men in the likeness of who they are, reflecting their own personal judgement. She would marry a man not only because she sees her first love in him, but knows their arrangements are not mere coincidences; but acts of God. Working to bring them together as He ordained it to be.

She is a helpmate to her husband. She follows his leadership in which she submits to. And does not only help to keep the house in order, but is his business partner also. She then listens to her husband and supports him. Assisting him with whatever is in harmony to God’s will. She gives her wise counsels, affection and love. And is God’s vessel for inspiration in her household and community.

But as for the worldly woman she is a hindrance in her household and degradation to her husband and community. She tends to belittle him, breaking him down to get her way. She is then unsubmissive and predudicely does not listen, wanting to take the lead. And only cares about supporting herself as long as she gets what she wants from her husband.

For this reason, this is the difference between worldly women and godly women. The godly woman knows and loves God, and the worldly woman does not know nor love Him. The worldly woman is an unfulfilled woman without a sense of purpose. Whereas the godly woman is a fulfilled woman living according to her purpose. Knowing the God who created her with a purpose.

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