Focus on God’s word not on evil

We as Christians should not be giving the devil any publicity. There is evils which exist in the world that are not worth knowing nor speaking about. In the sense of focusing only on evil to the exposure of it, and not on God’s word.

These things are disgustingly disturbing by nature, and abominable.They are spiritually toxic. As leprosy to the soul. This is responsible for many Christians to develop a obsession with the occult to the point of many leaving the faith, psychological issues and demonic possession.

It’s one of the things the devil uses. Knowing we are born into sin and shaped in iniquity. Possessing a natural tendency and curiosity for evil. Using our weaknesses against us. Due to our fallen condition.

He can then take advantage through easily manipulating our interest in the occult for his personal means. Blurring the difference between good and evil to make them seem indistinguishable.

Thus, only focus of the light of the truth of God’s word, and stay far away from that which is called evil.

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