As human beings we expect God to intervene whenever we need Him the most. To intervene the way we want Him to. And when He doesn’t, our tendency is to act unfaithful and blasphemous.

But man made the choice for sin to curse his descendants and the earth. To cause death and destruction. And all its misery of pain and suffering.

God created a perfect world without sin. For man to live eternally in perfect happiness and great joy. And mankind to have the ability to have freewill of choice out of love. So humanity is ultimately responsible through Adam and Eve’s choice not God for the broken world we live in.

Therefore, highly respecting our freewill, He doesn’t only have to allow us to make our choices, but also permit its consequences. To constantly intervene, in order to prevent us to make the wrong choices would only demonstrate that we don’t have freewill.

Hence, why we live by faith in obedience. Understanding, because of disobedience sin entered into the world causing death.

But in spite of death and all the pain and suffering which comes from it, we can have the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ, and a better life. Knowing life is not meaningless because of death. But because life was something given to us by God, shows death was never what He intended. And by trying to save life proves that fact.

God will then always work things out for our good without going against our freewill. As long as we put our faith in Him, we can have hope. Even when we stumble and fall into sin. He will never leave nor forsake us.

In this world we will have trials and tribulations. In this world we will have death and suffering. But God has prepared a place were He will wipe every tear. A place where we will forget all the pain and misery, where it no longer be a bother to us. And a place where there will be no more death.

For this very reason, we must be of good cheer because God has overcome the world through Jesus Christ. Whereby we can have the hope of salvation.

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