Come Up Higher

If the doers of the law, the Ten Commandments are justified. Then it’s by faith it’s established. Being justified by faith through the grace of God by Jesus Christ, the law is then kept as a consequence of love. No longer living in sin, which is transgression of the law. But by righteousness in faith.

Having received God’s love by His grace through faith, it’s faith in the love of God what causes the heart to joyously reciprocate that love back; because of His marvelous grace. In faithful loving obedience in keeping his Commandments as fruit of justification by faith.

And embrace an alien righteousness. A righteousness not of this world. A righteousness of God. A righteousness by faith witnessed by the law and the prophets in Christ. As He was the living personification of the law, and expositor of it, raising its standard higher. We are not only to keep it, but to follow Christ’s example to raise its standard higher as He did. Where Lust is seen as adultory, and hatred as murder.

Therefore, false converts disbelieve in justification by faith, when the law is not kept as a consequence of love to God as a fruit of being Justified through faith.

Living as a law unto one’s own self, they live lawlessly in transgression to the law of God. Practicing self righteousness. And uphold their own moral standard of righteousness based on human effort, will and capacity.

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