The breath of life

God is as intimately real to us personally, as the very breath we breathe in our mortal bodies. This same breath is in every single living thing.

This breath is as intangible as the wind. Even though it’s invisible to the eye, we can see its effect on almost everything else.

And is a everyday miracle, which we often trivialise and take for granted.

In Hebrew it’s called Ruah. Ruah is the breath of life, which comes directly from God to make things living. As He is the author of all life being life itself.

Another word for it is spirit. But it’s not in this sense a conscious entity of what it embodies. It’s just life which comes from God to makes something a living thing. For even God and His Angels as well as the devil and fallen angels are also described as spirits.

For example: God forms man out of the dust of the ground before making him a living soul. After He forms him out of dust, He then breathes into him the breath of life to make him a living being.

Thus, dust+ Ruah,(breath)= living soul.

For this very reason, let everything that has breath give God the honour and the glory. And may His name be praised and highly exalted. Magnified above all things. Amen and Amen.

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