The Youth of Today

The culture of our youth today is absolutely disgraceful. It’s disturbingly disgusting. So much so, that they have no shame. Just like the time of Israel in its apostasy, they have lost their ability to blush. Having no sense of embarrassment. And are proud in their shamelessness.

Living a life devoid of character and integrity. Being empty and unfulfilled. Looking to the shallow things of this world. And speak idle words charmingly in deceitfulness.

And also, openly blaspheme the God of heaven who is responsible not only for the very breath they breathe, but for their existence.

Sexual promiscuity, self objectification, prostitution, self gratification, delinquency, illicit substance abuse, selling drugs, theft and killing are all things which are trends amongst the youth of today, and is something glorified through mainstream media.

Indoctrinated with sadistic, narcissistic, nihilistic, materialistic, superficial, self indulgent, self exaltaous, selfish, supercilious, superfluous, megalomanic, condescending and violent views.

Ultimately resulted in children rebelling against parents, children living for themselves, children having children, children killing other children and becoming domestic terrorist.

We need our youth back. Most have not honoured the vow. The vow to give their children back to God once they are born. But have spiritually sacrificed them to the alters of baal for their own destruction.

Most have failed, and not trained up their children in the ways of the Lord God almighty. And have suffered immensely.

We must set new trends. We must set Biblically unpopular trends to spiritually revive the Church, and reform society.

And, in order to do this, we need to start with our youth. God help us.

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