What is love? part 2

Some think love is just to say to another, I love you. Some think it’s about making the other happy. While others may think love is being caring and supportive according to their wants. Some even believe love is about giving, in the hope to receive something in return.

Therefore, some have expectations of love to be if you love me, to tell me that you love me. If you love me then you will make me feel happy. Concentrating your efforts not only in making me feel happy, but to maintain my happiness.

And if you love me, you will care and be supportive of what I want. Or if I give you what you want, will I receive from you what I want?

This is how the world sees love. For this is how the world loves. It’s all about self and self gain. Putting self before others. And being lovers of self to the exclusion of others.

But God in the person of Jesus Christ demonstrated that true love is not selfish at all. He lived a selfless life, putting others before Himself. He was committed to the cause of saving all those who have sinned and come short of His glory, that He sacrificed Himself unto death so the sinner can receive pardon. As a Lovingly gracious act of mercy and forgiveness.He looked beyond our sins, and saw our need for Him.

In this God is love. And love is not about self. Love is about unconditionally and selflessly loving others. Love is not about my own happiness nor my wants over others, but giving to others as an act of kindness and truth. In accordance to what they need.

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