Ungodly Feminism

God made the man, woman and child. From the beginning it was so. This is the rightful order of society.

God is the head of Christ. Christ being the Son says, “the Father is greater than I.” Christ is the head of the man. Creating the man first before Eve. As the one who leads and has authority. The man is the head of the woman. As the woman was made from the man by God to be a helpmate to him.

And the woman is the head of the children. As the one who bears and nurtures them.

The woman submits to her husband because he submits to Christ. She follows the leadership of Christ through her husband. And the children are raised according to the example and guidance they receive through their father from Christ. Which the woman uses to manage the household and look after the children.

Feminism puts the woman before the man of leadership. Not only causing doubt of what God has established. But blasphemously presumes the position of God Himself.

It’s twisted to the woman to be a god. The woman receiving worship In a form of excessive adoration. The woman leads the man. The man submits to the leadership of the woman. And the man manages the household and the children. Or the woman does everything herself. Seeing no need for a man. Believing men to be inferior.

Feminism was never about equality. Feminism was about destroying the hierarchical structure of society established by God.

By the woman unnaturally asserting the role of the man. To be superior to the man.

And tend to assert that dominance of superiority in a controlling, manipulative, and sexually seductive way over the man.

For the love of money most have become cooperatively career driven. Lording themselves in positions of power and accomplishments. And have prostituted themselves for money and wealth, in order to gain financial independence. To live completely self sufficient and proud, while being alone and single. And deliberately raising children without a father.

Thus, feminism has radicalised today’s modern women. Redefining femininity. Confusing what it means to be a woman. And has set the woman above the man, creating an unbalance and chaos in society.

2 thoughts on “Ungodly Feminism

  1. Apostle Paul speaks about remaining unmarried in 1 Corinthians 7:25-32 (but if they, ‘virgin’ men and women, marry, they have not sinned).
    How do you see a woman remaining unmarried and living for the Lord, when she is called for celibacy or, in other situations, when she did not find a man to be equally yoked with?


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