How we should be as Christians

This definitely goes for me and you, and everyone who claims to be a Christian in these dark times.

We must be a people of God who will not go against our conscience. Even on pain of death. A people of such integrity and righteousness, that wouldn’t lie. Even if it cost us our very own life. We must love good and detest, (hate) evil. If we truly love God.

God’s love is not an excuse to sin, or else that would not only be taking advantage of it; but also for granted.

Must we cheapen the grace of God, when our redemption was bought by such a high price through the blood of Christ?

We should therefore, no longer live in sin when we decide to live for Christ. But if we do slip up and sin, we have a just and loving God who will forgive us of all our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

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