The Proverbs 31 woman

Who is the virtuous woman?

The virtuous woman is certainly rare. Definitely not a common woman.

She is a selfless woman. A woman of self sacrifice, unconditional love and grace. A woman who stands for righteousness and truth. A woman who has God’s word hidden in her heart. A woman who worships God in spirit and in truth. And a woman with uncompromisingly high moral values.

She is not proud, but humble. A woman of a kind and gentle spirit. She is quiet. Slow to speak, and quick to listen. Wisdom is her crown. And her countenance shines radiantly. Having a special glow.

She is not highly excessive in regards to her appearance, ability and importance. To obnoxiously adorn herself with outward ordinances.

She doesn’t idolise herself because of her beauty. By constantly looking at how beautiful she is, and making it a primary objective and focus of how she should live, and value herself.

But knows her worth is more than her beauty. Knowing It’s about the inner person of the heart. Born of the Spirit. And strengthen through the Holy Spirit. To be and to live in the likeness of Christ.

She sees beauty as fleeting. Something which not only changes over time, but something which fades away. She doesn’t use her beauty to deceitfully charm to get what she wants.

She is not a worldly woman that looks for its validation. For she already has the validation of God’s loving assurance. She is a fulfilled woman. A woman of spiritual depthness and substance to her character. A woman who is content. Due to the drinking of the living water of Jesus Christ, where she will never thirst again.

This is the virtuous woman. A blessing to her husband, children, household and community. She is really hard to find. For there are only a few of her kind.

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