The Bridegroom’s love to His bride, the Church

I Love You like You are the only beautiful woman in the world to Me. I Adore You as something special and highly precious in My Sight.

I Love You like no other ever could. And I Love You as though there will be no other after You. I Love You as though You are the only one for Me.

I Love You in spite of Yourself. I Love You in spite of your imperfections. I Love You selflessly, self sacrificially and unconditionally. I know and understand You. More than You know and understand yourself. More than anybody else ever could. I AM constantly thinking about You. Watching over You. Considering your every need. And doing the sweetest things just to make You smile. I will never leave You alone forsaken. I will always be there for You.That’s how much I Love and care for You.

And I can Love You pass your pain. Whatever pain that you maybe facing or going through. My Love for You will heal your broken heart.

My Love will carry You, and see You through. My Love will strengthen and empower You. My Love will lighten your heavy burdens. My Love will give You the faith to persevere through hardship and great difficulties. My Love will uplift You, and give You joy and peace in times of trouble.

And My Love for You will never change. For it has been eternally the same. I, the Lord thy God Loves You.

Therefore, put your faith in my Love.

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