Self righteousness vs God’s righteousness

We are to receive God’s righteousness by faith. Faith where we are justified in Jesus Christ.

Our own righteousness is a righteousness inclined to compromise what is righteous for the sake of convenience. A righteousness which tries to conveniently justify sin in particular circumstances. Where righteousness is compromise for sin. Our own righteousness is therefore nothing, but filthy rags. Isaiah 64:6

A righteousness of filthy rags tainted by sin. Due to the justification of sin against what is righteous. A righteousness inherently evil, and is not righteous at all. Being of our sinful nature relative to our reason, will and capacity contrary to God, and hurting others.

In this self is exalted. Good deeds are selfishly motivated. And hypocrisy is unavoidably embraced. Practicing good works for self gain. To cover up evil, and to make good of your image as a means to get what you want or need. Especially, when it’s to condemn others for not upholding the same standard of righteousness which you don’t, because of convenience.

Henceforth, we have an issue of hypocrisy in every single aspect of society, and not just in the Church. A reflection of our sinful nature. Living by our own laws and ethics. Relative to our subjective standard of righteousness. Individually defining for ourselves what’s right and wrong.

And not objectively looking to the reality of God’s moral law and precepts.

If we are to then receive God’s righteousness, we will have to let go of our own by faith. Accepting a righteousness which was made manifest through Jesus Christ. A righteousness witnessed by the law and the prophets. A righteousness alien to the world. A righteousness not of the world. A righteousness that comes by faith. A righteousness by faith in God’s word.

And a righteousness by faith in keeping His Commandments. Having faith in that which was witnessed by the law and the prophets. The righteousness of God in His Only Begotten and Beloved Son Jesus. Who lived and served as our example, and died for the forgiveness and remission of our sins.

By faith in God’s grace through Jesus Christ we are justified. Having faith in His love. And faith it is, allows God to keep His word, Law(Ten Commandments) and precepts from within. Through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. As an overflowing of the richness of His grace. Whereby it comes naturally, motivated purely by love. For we are ourselves are incapable, because of our sinful flesh. God does it for us. He does it in, and through us. For those who are truly recipients of His grace.

Who have come humbly to the throne of grace of His majesty with a genuine heartfelt sorrow of repentance. Letting go of their filthy rags to be clothed in His righteousness.

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