Is love idealistic?

Some Men are only with a woman relative to her looks and physical attraction. To upgrade his economic status and image in society. Before moving on to another, he thinks looks more attractive. As women’s value are determined by how they look in western societies.

And then there are women who are only with a man because of how much money he has. Using his economic status, finances and network to improve on her image and quality of life for herself. To satisfy her indulgence and endeavors of whatever she wants, and not necessarily what she needs. Until there’s a opportunity to be with a man who has more money.

Love is completely excluded. And is seen as something idealistic. Something that’s not real for materialistic purposes. And important characteristics such as Integrity, loyalty, virtue, affection, kindness and understanding are not profoundly considered in comparison to the shallowness of looks, money and material things.

In the beginning it wasn’t so. God made the man and woman to be together because of love. God who is love brought the 2 together. It was love itself that brought the man and the woman together. To love one another.

Having said that, the man did not love the woman according to how she looks. And the woman did not love the man because of what he could provide for her. They loved each other because of God’s love for them both. Bringing the both of them together.

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