I Just want to be loved poem

I feel like nobody loves me. There’s no empathy. My heart is heavy. And my soul is so lonely. Longing for someone to understand. Someone who would just love me for who I am. Where I can be open and vulnerable without them being judgmental. To show some sweetness. And give comfort from all the madness.

I have no one’s shoulder to cry on. I cry silently many times alone. There’s no one that truly goes out of there way to see if I am ok. So I try to get through another day with this burdensome heartache.

I have nobody by my side. To tell me everything will be alright. To be a light of God’s love in my life. Wiping away the tears when I cry.

O how I yearn for kindness and grace. For a heartfelt warmth of a loving embrace. Having good intentions, looking through my faults to see my needs to have compassion.

I am constantly being used and abused. Words spoken of are often rude. Many times offensive. Disrespectful, which has made me very sensitive. 

No longer do I trust anybody as a consequence. So I be alone all by myself, and suffer in silence, while those that hate me are plotting violence. 

God please may your love touch my heart inside. May your love reach to its depths. Allowing it to rest to give me a peace of mind. And fill it with your unfailing love divine. To let this little light of mine of your love shine. That I will know I am loved by you. Knowing your love matters more than anything; because it’s the only love which is true. I pray for this change in Jesus Christ name Amen.

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