Men and women it’s about “Character”

Some women just don’t get it. A man who has his pick of the crop when it comes to women, or who has many women to choose from. Due to his financial success. Especially, if he has notoriety through his financial success. He’s most likely to be unfaithful. Knowing there are women who are only interested in him because of what he has.

And if women would quit being so shallow, and go for character instead of looks, money and material assets, they would be much more happier. Having love, and also their material needs satisfied.

Not to say by the way. A poor man without financial success and notoriety can’t cheat on a woman. The keyword here is character. We’re talking integrity, virtue and love. A poor or rich man could have it. It makes no difference. What a man has, doesn’t define who he is.

Women are not the only ones who just don’t get it. There are some men who are just as shallow as certain women too. Men who only go for women that are beautiful. Women that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes over character. She could be beautiful, but could be using you. Either for self gain or emotional validation.

And just like how what a man has, doesn’t define who he is. A woman’s beauty doesn’t define who she is also. Are characters are made up of choices. Choices concerning what we say and do.

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