Love lifted me poem 

Love came to me. while I was at my lowest. Love was a light that brighten up my world when it was full of darkness. 

Love came and gave me hope again. Love touched me by a love that will never end. Love came and comforted me, and became my truest friend.

Love gave me life when I was dead in sin. Love changed me all over and gave me a new song to sing. 

Love set me free. Love helped me to see beyond what I can see. Love made me happy and serene. 

Love filled this empty soul. Love delivered me from all strongholds. 

Love lifted me from depression. Love is my inspiration. 

God is love and without Him we are nothing. He is our Heavenly Father and sovereign King. The only one and true living God. And Creator of all things. He created us. And sent His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for us.  Thus, it’s in God we should trust. Having faith in His love. 

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