Today’s confusion

There are people who used the word bad to mean good, and the word good to mean bad. Say what they don’t mean. And expect others not to mean what they say. Contradict themselves, and then blame others for the confusion of them contradicting themselves. Trying to justify double standards. When the point of a double standard is they are unjustifiable. And a do what I say, but not as I do mentality. 

It’s more than an issue of word comprehension, cognitive dissonance, conformation bias, duplicity and hypocrisy. It’s an issue of the justification and practice of evil. To such an extent where evil is blended with good where good and evil seem inseparable and indistinguishable. And good and evil are inverted to be called good evil and evil good. 

This is the confusion we have come to as a world. God help each and every single one of us. For most have become dualistic or double minded in the way we think of good and evil.

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