What is beauty without character?  

Ladies, this is something to consider. If a man only loves you because of how you look. 

What’s going to happen when your looks change or he sees another woman who he thinks looks better than you? 

Who you are on the inside is more important than how you look on the outside. To focus on how you look on the outside, and have no care about what’s in the inside is very shallow. 

And will naturally attract men who are also shallow. Only wanting you for your looks, and nothing else.

A good man will love a woman for her heart. If she’s a beautiful woman that happens to have a lovable character. Seeing a beauty which shines from the inside out, makes her even more attractive and desirable in his eyes.

Good men look for women of integrity. If she’s dignified and respectful by how she presents and conducts herself. If she’s a woman of love and virtue.

And if she’s kind, gentle and affectionate. 

Thus, good men want women of a noble and upright character. Women who have good judgment. 

And also, women who are kind.

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