Will I ever find love ? poem

I pour my heart out in poetry.  Hoping will I ever find the woman who loves me. 

A desire to love and care deeply. To share and express the deepest intimate mysteries. 

I am a man of hopeless romance. It feels like I would never get the chance. Not even to ask, may I have this honor of asking you to dance.

Am I undeserving of love?  

Is there any answers from above?  

Am I destined to be single for the rest of my life?

Is there no woman to be my wife?

But if this is so. Let it not take control. 

Let not the object of desire become all what I obsess about.  Instead let me look to what my heart ultimately desires where there’s a well spring of love and no drought. The well spring of God loves is where I must seek and find ultimate satisfaction.  To be continuously in the presence of awesome inspiration. Where I will never hunger nor thirst ever again.

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