Lord can’t you see I’m in pain? Prayer

God why won’t you let me heal? 

Why won’t you just take away all the pain inflicted on me? 

Why won’t you take away all of the pain that I’ve been through?

Why won’t you heal my wounds, which has become so badly infected?  They stink, and are rotting. I’m dying as a consequence.

Why do you allow me to be continuously inflicted, while I am severely in pain?  

I feel so weak and tired at times.  As though I’m about to collapse. Sometimes on the verge of death. 

Why do you allow more pain on pain, which has caused critical damage?   

It feels like I could die at anytime or have a nervous breakdown. because of the stress alone. The intense gravitational pressure that weighs down on my heart, feels like I could have a cardiac rapture. While my mind is restless without no peace.  

Lord help me. Please help me. Lord heal me. Heal and nurse my wounds. Save me O God. Save my life. I pray in Jesus Christ name amen.

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