Trust is something earned

Don’t you know we have to earn each other’s trust?

Especially, when the person has been abused and downtrodden by others.

It will take a lot of selfless love, and tender love and care to help most people. This of course takes time and patience.

People who have been through a lifetime of pain, misery and suffering are scared of being hurt again.

And are constantly questioning if someone new will do the same.

It is not easy for them to open up to people. People who they haven’t spent enough time with to get to know. 

In order for them to let you in as a person, you have to earn their trust, which isn’t easy. If you’re truly worthy of them. You have to be who you say you are. Due to the fact that a lot of people pretend to be something that they are not; because they are selfishly motivated. 

People who have had their hearts broken also have a responsibility to learn how to trust again. To appreciate and value the good that you do, by knowing your true intentions.

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