The idolatry of Money

Money is seen as life and worshipped as a god in the west. People look to money for purpose, happiness and love. So the idea is perpetuated that without money we are nothing. Due to materialistic capitalism.

Hence, the poor, unemployed are treated as though they are invisible, worthless and insignificant.

The individual is seen as a dispensable commodity or a resource. A person who has monetary value relative to what they have and can earn financially. Having economic status.

Something which can be used as a valuable asset until it no longer works for a company. And if it no longer works it becomes dispensable, having no value.

To integrate and become a part of society you have to then work. According to the expectations of the economic/political system which governs society.

People are then motivated to work for money. To financially provide for their basic necessities and a roof over their heads. But are willing to compromise their moral values, health and conscience for what they need.

And not to be socially isolated and outcasted from society.

Those who do not have a Job, and can not afford their living expenses and homeless are seen as worthless commodities of no value.

Western societies have no care for its poorest citizens. Its benefit system is not only designed to not elevate the poor, but to keep them in a state of poverty. Providing limited opportunities to be a usurper of conscience for those who are in need.

And if they are not subordinate to the dictates of the system, where they choose not to comply concerning work, all of their benefits and support from the system are sanctioned. This is modern day slavery. This is systematic slavery at its worst. The person is not taken into complete consideration. Regarding work ethic, and personal health and well being.

Consequently, they have become downtrodden, and conscience miserably vexed and flayed. Due to an economic value that has been place on life itself. Where there is no love from a secular systematic and societal perspective.

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