The cry of God’s people prayer

Your people Lord, are like sheep amongst wolves, In desperate need of you as their good Shepard. The enemy of souls, your adversary, the devil spiritually attacks from every angle, through family, friends, associates and strangers. And through supernatural phenomenon. The conscience of your people has been miserably vexed and flayed. To doubt and lose faith and hope in you.

They’re even trodden by those who are down trodden. Trodden underfoot until there’s nothing left of them. And suffering by the hands of fools, which seek to wear them out and bring them down to nothing. Wronging their hearts, and breaking their spirits. Their life is made into a strand of string. Either it breaks or it doesn’t break.

Lord, we live in a world of fools, that say in their hearts who is God that I should obey Him, and be subjected to His authority according to His word?

For I live for myself alone. I decide for myself what’s good and evil, and what’s right and wrong. I follow my own morality, and not no dictates of God.

And there’s no God, but me. I am my own god. I have no need of God. I worship myself as god. I bring tiding and gifts of offering to the alter of self. I love and admire myself above all things. I believe the world should give me all of its love, attention and praises. I am beautiful, intelligent and talented. I am then entitled to anything I want and desire. if it’s to sacrifice others at their expense to prosper, so be it.

They deride your people day and night. Inflicting us, and making a mockery out of our pain. They sadistically make sport and entertainment out of it. Feeding us to the lions of injustice.

Sometimes these wolves come to us in sheep’s clothing. Clandestinely Christian. Secretly opposing God in their hearts, while appear to be loving Him through their lips and actions. Pretending to be one of us, when they would betray Him with a kiss. They come with a worldly attitude, having doctrines of devils. And do whatever they can to hinder the truth of sound doctrine. They’re the very type to discourage it from those want to live and share it. 

Please our Lord and our God, help us. Help us up to stand from where we have fallen. Order our steps in faith to righteously live according to your will and word. Strengthen us where we’re weak, and renew our strength.Give us the faith of Christ that will endure to the end. In Jesus Christ name Amen.

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