Examples of Sexual immorality in the Bible to learn from and not do

God created Eve to be a helpmate for Adam. The devil deceived Eve not to only try and destroy Eve, but to also destroy Adam. And Adam took of the forbidden fruit because he put his love for his wife before his love for God. As Eve trusted in the serpent’s word against God’s word.

The Sons of God wanted the daughters of men, because of their beauty. And corrupted themselves by reason of their beauty, and became fools.

Due to Sarah’s doubt and unbelief in God’s promise, she persuaded her husband to fornicate with her mistress in adultery. In hope to conceive a child, which she wanted to call her own.

The corruptible influence and degenerative disgusting filth of Sodom and Gormorah, caused lot and his daughters to participate in a sexual orgy of incest. Defiling themselves.

The Moabite women seduced the men of Israel to worship Baal. Committing idolatry. And participated in the human sacrifices of children. 

Samson loved the women who were the enemies of His God and people. Trying to run away from God’s will and purpose for his life.

And Samson laid with the whore Delilah, and became one with her. By committing this sexual sin against his own flesh through fornication, he gave away the secret of his strength in disobedience to God. To embrace and fulfill Delilah’s will and desire. Even to disobey and forsake God. Seeing himself inseparable from her. Where the Spirit of the Lord left him.  Due to his rejection of God for Delilah.

David’s lust driven him to have multiple wives. And to commit adultery and murder.

By the influence of his father David’s transgression, Amnon had fallen in the same sexual sin of licentiousness. Losing all self control, he lusted and wanted his own sister sexually to the point of raping her.

Solomon following the example of his father, lusted after the flesh of strange women. Women who were idolators. And caused his kingdom by the influence of his many wives to commit idolatry against God. 

Ahab married the priest of Baal’s daughter Jezebel.  Ahab had rejected God to commit to the wants, desires and will of his wife. And harken unto her voice above God’s.  Leading his people into idolatry by the will of his wife.

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