Are we practicing speaking in tongues by communicating the Gospel in different languages, or light language in the Church?

Light language is part of the kundalini experience of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  It is known by the gurus to cause people to lose their minds. 

Light language is identical to the practice of what the Church calls speaking in tongues today. And if the two are exactly identical, then the two must be the same, and of the same spirit. The Church has adopted light language as speaking in tongues. For speaking in tongues of God’s word was a gift to miraculously communicate the Gospel in different languages. Not to unconsciously utter gibberish of confusion.  People who are severely mentally disorientated or insane do that.

Hence, the fact of being spiritually led by emotion and impulses over sound doctrine. To accept a form of spiritualism, responsible for demonic possession and a psychological break from reality. Which is predominantly in the charismatic Pentecostal Churches.

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