Having the wrong view of God is fundamentally dangerous

A wrong understanding of God’s word can grossly misrepresent His Character. Creating a negative mental perception of who He is spiritually. And prevents the faith in His word from flourishing.

Due theological inconsistencies, most experience cognitive dissonance. Trying to keep and maintain 2 contradictory views simultaneously. And have cognitive biases against the consistency of sound doctrine. Relative to what they have psychologically conditioned themselves to accept spiritually.

They themselves became hypocrites living with a double standard. Dualistically, believing in good and evil. Justifying evil as a means for practicing good.

Hence. the reason why we have so much hypocrisy, cults, people committing the most heinous crimes, mass genocides and mental health issues.

As a consequence, some leave the faith, while others try to keep their faith without intellectual honesty. And then there are those, who seek the consistency of the truth of God’s word.

If we don’t know God according to His word, then we don’t know Him at all. It’s an impossibility to have faith in Him, and not have a consistent understanding of who He is as it pertains to His word.

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