Are you insecure?

Without knowing the reason of our existence; therefore, to derive a sense concerning purpose and identity, whereby to determine our value. Inevitably, causes us to be insecure.

Being doubtful, uncertain, indecisive, diffidence (low confidence) and constantly questioning one’s own judgement, results in psychological dependency.

And the desperate need for attention. Using whatever we have as a means to gain people’s approval, acceptance or validation. Even if it means to be pretentious. Pretending to be something that we are not. Trying to live up to both societal expectations and the expectations of our peers, in order to believe we have worth.

We often compare ourselves to others. Who we think we are better than or think are better than us. This is called a superiority complex. A superiority complex is really just the insecurity of feeling inferior. Believed due to appearance, abilities and achievements we are superior. Also, preys on those consider most vulnerable than ourselves to demonstrate superiority. Projecting insecurities through unconstructive criticism, condescension, insolent and abusive behavior. This could be seen in an over inflated sense of self worth and importance.

Some have an over exaggerated self-consciousness. Living in hypersensitivity. Not only critical over every move they make, but anxious about how others may perceive them. Using their best efforts to obsessively perfect each move they make.

The reality is. If we knew God created us for a purpose. Giving our lives meaning and value. Seeing our worth in His love. We would know who we are. Seeing ourselves according to how He sees us. We will not be insecure.

God is the only one who designed and created us for a purpose. Without knowing and living in the fulfillment thereof, we will not see life as a miraculous gift from Him. And we will not be able to value and appreciate it. But succumb to the things which undermines are value, and idly seek accomplishments in vain to create our worth according to how we want the world to see us.

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