What is a Narcissist?

A person who constantly questions your judgment. Second guesses you. Makes strawman arguments against you by making things up. Gaslights you. Under a false pretense gets you to self doubt the reality of what you’re experiencing, concerning their abuse. To make you think, you’re the one with the problem, instead of them who are the perpetrator’s of it.

And play mind games. All to manipulate and control you, and make you psychologically weak and dependent. So much so, to cause the mind to be completely docile.

To mould and shape you in the image they want you to be. An image of themselves who they worship. For you to live and serve for their purposes and approval alone. To excessively admire and praise them. Keep the body take the mind.

Parasitically, feeding from your sense of self worth, whereby to destroy your certainty and confidence. Slowly, eroding your sanity away. To become an empty shell of a person. A soulless individual. Where you either lose your mind or commit suicide, trying desperately to measure up to their expectations. While they see you as nothing more than a supply to validate their superiority, god like complex. Due to the fact that they themselves are deeply insecure.

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