Two wrongs do not make a right

As a disclaimer, this only applies to the men and women who are really irresponsible. And lack discretion.

If women would hold themselves morally accountable. Possessing introspection. To be self reflective on the out come of their choices, in order to do and become better.

And learn from observation the experience of other women’s irresponsible choices, not only from personal experience. To not live a sexually promiscuous lifestyle by having multiple sex partners.

And also, be in a loving committed marriage with a good man before having sex. A man of integrity, honor and virtue. They would not become murderers of their unborn children. There would not be so much teen pregnancies. And the rate of single mothers will decrease in society.

This is not just a dig on women, men are to blame too. Men are also to blame for living a promiscuous lifestyle. Not holding themselves to a higher standard. Not waiting until marriage to have sex with a woman who they genuinely love and want to have kids with. And encouraging women to be irresponsible because they themselves are irresponsible. Two wrongs does not make a right.

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