The materialization of love and marriage 

An asset is a material object of monetary worth or value. Such as a house, car, boat, furniture and etc.

A person that works for a business is seen as an asset to the company. 

Based on how much revenue, financial profit they can make for the company.

 If a person cannot generate any lucrative income for the company, they are not considered as a valuable asset. 

It has been said, marriage is not about love. Marriage is an economic contract.  And Implied,  men and women are assets in a relationship. Making their relationship concerning their marriage a business.  

We have reduced what God intended to be for love into something purely materialistic and meaningless.   

Now there are men and women asking each other, what can you bring to the relationship, which can add financial value?   

Having no love for each other at all. Being all about money. Having money as the foundation instead of Jesus Christ. 

God help us. 

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